Project Management

Having the time and expertise to manage a team of tradespeople and contractors can be a full time job in itself.

We are a team of organised designers that conceptualise beautiful homes and commercial spaces, but also have the project management skills ready to communicate those ideas with the key team involved in your project. We know how to walk the walk, and talk the talk!

From warehousing your items, directing builders and trades, coordinating with other services and even stuffing the pillows, our experienced design team makes sure all the pieces of your project are pulled together.

Find out more about our process below.

Our Process

With the benefit of hundreds of residential and commercial projects under our belt, we have refined and perfected our engagement process into six simple steps:

  1. Enquiry: to determine exactly what your needs are and ensure we can help
  2. Preliminary meeting: with all key decision makers so we can understand more about your project vision and how we can best support the outcome
  3. Free Proposal: identifying all elements of our engagement
  4. Project Commencement: where we get to work and all the fun begins
  5. Project Support & Management (as required): we’re with you every step of the way and offer a range of project services to ensure you get the best result possible
  6. Project Wrap-Up: a celebration of seeing your project come to fruition

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