Principal Nicolle Foster leads the team of fully qualified designers each sharing the studios vision and drive to be progressive, produce exceptional design, and remain at the forefront of our industry. With over 30 years of experience, our passion is as vigorous as ever, with our projects consistently showcasing the absolute importance we place on gaining a deep understanding of our client’s needs, lifestyle and interests.

Our expertise spans the design disciplines, from retail and commercial projects where brand re-enforcement and ingenuity is paramount, to the medical field where finesse and sensitivity are often needed.  Our work is hallmarked in the residential field, where we continue to work on large multi residential developments, smaller boutique and budget conscious sites, environmentally sensitive and sustainable projects, to high-end residential homes, where the final decorating and styling adds the required finishing touches.

We are here to support you in making informed decisions, refining your vision into a detailed and responsive space that meets both budget and dream. The design process should be an enjoyable experience, resulting in personalised spaces that stand the test of time.